Simon Yam was caught in blizzard filming Iceman Cometh 3D

22 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Simon Yam Tat Wa felt the full force of a blizzard while working on location at Changbai Mountain for The Iceman Cometh 3D. He revealed that he had to be in costume in the snow for a series of fight scenes, swordplay and walking scenes. The process was extremely difficult. He said, "This time was the most difficult production since I started making movies, but it was a happy experience! The temperature there was around 4 degrees below zero but the wind was class 5 strength with the snowstorm. "I wore 4 layers and 50 heat pads but they were until effective for keeping warmth. At the time I was so cold that I didn't know my nose was running. "The snow storm made me unable to open my eyes and was covered in snow like a snow man!" Qi Qi's heart ached over her husband's suffering on the mountain and even lost contact with him over the internet, which made her very uneasy. She said, "Because I couldn't get him on the phone, I couldn't find him for a while."

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