Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend will be his son's godmother

1 April 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend Sinitta has revealed she is to be godmother to his son.

The music mogul and his partner Lauren Silverman have asked singer Sinitta - who previously revealed she aborted the 'X Factor' boss' baby in the 1980s - to look after the spiritual welfare of six-week-old Eric.

Posting a photo of herself cradling the baby on twitter, she wrote: "

"Wanted you to be the first (well after my mom and children) to hear about my next, serious new role... Drum roll...

"At Mothers Day lunch with Mom, Magdalena, Zac, @JasonJGale @SimonCowell I was asked to be godmother to Baby Eric!!! X (sic)"

Sinitta - who chose Simon to be godfather to her children Magdalena and Zac - has remained close to the 54-year-old star and previously admitted she felt "betrayed" when she found out he was to be a father.

She said in September: "I was completely and utterly stunned. I was in such a daze, to the point where I wondered if I was dreaming it.

"We knew we were all close friends but I didn't realize he and Lauren were falling in love and, when I found out, I will admit I was taking aback and did feel a sense of betrayal"

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