Simon Cowell had 'serious nerves' about meeting girlfriend's dad

27 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Simon Cowell had "serious nerves" before meeting his girlfriend's father.

The 'X Factor' boss enjoyed dinner with girlfriend Lauren Silverman - who is six months pregnant with his first child, a son - her dad Stephen Davis and her stepmother Rosy in Miami, Florida last week and the music mogul was relieved they all got along well as he wanted to make a good impression.

A source said: "Simon is used to being the boss of everyone but he had some serious nerves before meeting up with Lauren's father. He really wanted to make a good impression.

"Stephen asked Simon about pretty much every aspect of his life. But Simon is nothing if not charming and they soon all got on like a house on fire."

During the dinner, Stephen reportedly quizzed Simon on his intentions with his daughter.

The source added to Britain's Grazia magazine: "He apparently asked Simon if he intends to make an honest woman of Lauren.

"Simon explained that being with Lauren has changed his perspective on relationships and she's really tamed him."

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