Siblings who are making waves in S'pore showbiz

8 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago
While Mandopop may seem littered with manufactured clones, one pair of performers takes particular umbrage at being mistaken for carbon copies.

Singaporean 21-year-old identical twins Miko and Yumi Bai, who make up Taiwan-based pop duo By2, may be fully aware that their uncanny resemblance to each other helps them stand out in a crowded industry, but each is keen to be her own woman.

Speaking to SundayLife! over the telephone from Taipei, older-by-two-minutes Miko laments: "The bad thing about being twins in show business is that some people might think we are the same person. They treat us as a group and don't think of us as individuals. We hate it when people think we are exactly the same."

In fact, she says, their personalities are polar opposites and they complement each other. Yumi describes herself as an adrenaline-seeking, playful devil and calls her elder sister a quiet, level-headed angel.

At 16, they dropped out of Yio Chu Kang Secondary School and flew to Taipei to launch their singing career. They were offered a 10-year contract with local record label Ocean Butterflies after being talent-spotted at a singing course organised by its subsidiary music school in 2007.

Another pair of twins who are quicky gaining popularity in Singapore is Hayley and Jayley, 22, who star in their debut movie That Girl In Pinafore (2013).

They play twin sisters in the movie, donning the same hairstyle and outfits, and often finishing each other's sentences.

Yet, in real life, one sister has soared in popularity, while the other has yet to make much headway in the entertainment industry.

Their Twitter accounts offer a clear enough indication. Jayley, the younger twin by five minutes, has more than 21,800 followers on her account, while sister Hayley has around 8,800 in comparison.

Last week, Jayley was named Babe Of The Year in The New Paper Flame Awards, an annual list of the most memorable and influential celebrities over the year, as decided by public votes.

Other siblings in the Singapore showbiz scene are actors Sani Hussin, 39, and Rosita Hussin, 38, Kheng siblings Benjamin, 23, and Narelle, 20, who are half of indie band The Sam Willows, as well as former models Teh May Wan and Teh Choy Wan, both 31.

Photos 1 to 5 in the gallery features siblings in Singapore showbiz, while the rest of the gallery features twins Hayley and Jayley. 

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