Shu Qi might be the next Asian actress in X-Men movie after Fan Bingbing

4 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Already a well-known superstar in Asia, and widely regarded as a sex symbol, Shu Qi(舒淇) successfully broke into the American market with 2002′s The Transporter. She then took on a small, yet memorable role in New York, I Love You.

As her popularity in the United States rose, it is rumored that Shu Qi has been given the opportunity to film a neww X-Men movie, reports Jayne Stars.

At first, it was speculated that Shu Qi would star as the lead actress in her boyfriend, Stephen Fung’s (馮德倫) debut Hollywood movie.

However, following Fan Bingbing’s footsteps of breaking it into Hollywood, it looks like Shu Qi will become the next successful Asian actress to star in a big superhero franchise.

Earlier, Shu Qi and “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman exhibited great chemistry together in a Toyota car commercial. They snapped a picture together on set, and it is said that they have become close friends ever since. As Shu Qi’s coincided with the filming of the ad, Hugh treated Shu Qi and the crew to dinner.

Noticing Shu Qi’s natural acting abilities, Marvel allegedly wanted to sign Shu Qi for the role of X-23 – a female clone of Wolverine whose creation and birth was solely for the purpose of assassination.

As soon as the news leaked, netizens immediately photoshopped a picture of Shu Qi in the X-23 costume.

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