Shu Qi doesn't think she's mummy material despite being great with kids

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Even thought she was fantastic when taking care of her friend's child, Taiwanese celeb Shu Qi is uncertain she is qualified to be a good mother just yet.According to a China News service report, the 37-year-old was an accidental supermum whose nurturing side radiated out of her when she was babysitting the 22-month-old daughter of fellow actress Kelly Lin, who's a great friend of hers -- judging by a photo of the pair that Shu Qi uploaded onto her computer.Prior to spending time with Lin's kid, she was already generating talk about being a parent when she posted on her Weibo account a photo of her and a pair of baby twins, with the caption: "Children".Despite getting bestowed the 'motherly figure' label thanks to these two successful 'trials', Shu Qi feels she is not up to the task of being a mother -- on a full-time basis at least.She said: "I was telling Kelly I can give birth to a child, but would she be prepared to help me bring him or her up?"(I was probably good) because her kid was exceptionally obedient and adorable!""Bringing up a kid is a huge responsibility. I was only with a kid for about two to three hours and I am almost out of patience!"

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