Show Luo wants to open dessert stall -- with Jolin Tsai as his celebrity chef

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

He may already own a fashion label, but Taiwanese performer Show Luo is not about to stop venturing into the other fields of the business world.

The revered performer revealed at a promotional event, where he was appointed as the ambassador of a brand of mints, that he is actually looking to open a dessert stall.

He credited a waffle he ate while he was in Japan as the motivation behind the idea of venturing into the F&B business.

"The memory of tucking into a waffle while I was in Japan brings a smile to me, and I hope to share that joy with everyone else," explained Luo.

The idea of opening a dessert stall has been in the works for about a year and a half, and was only recently kickstarted when he embarked on a search for the perfect location, and met with prospective chefs for discussions.

He also hoped to have a VIP room in the stall where celebrities can come and have his dessert without having to worry about being bothered, and even joked that he may rope in Jolin Tsai to come on board as a celebrity chef on her days off seeing how she's proficient at making desserts.

Luo is also seeking out high-quality ingredients and furniture for the stall, and expects it to be opened only in 2015 if everything goes to plan.

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