Show Luo caught on a secret date?

30 September 2013 / 3 years 4 weeks ago

Have Show Luo and Linda Jian (better known as Hu Die Jie Jie) been secretly dating for a year?

Show was recently spotted picking up Linda on her 30th birthday. The pair headed off to a restaurant for a dinner and Show even booked a private room, reports AsianPop News, Nownews, and Yes Entertainment.

The couple reportedly interactedly closely during their private date, and Show was even said to be gazing gently at Linda from time to time.

After the meal, Show admitted to reporters that he had celebrated Linda's birthday with her.

“This is my first celebration with her. Happy Birthday Linda!” Show's mother apparently likes Linda alot, and his mother even hugged Linda during one of Show's concerts.

The couple are reportedly keeping their relationship under wraps as her contract forbids her from dating working partners.

Doing so could cost her her job or being slapped with a NT$5 million fine.

This is not the first time in which the duo has been caught together. Last year, they reportedly went on a vacation together in Thailand.

This year, Show and Linda also happened to be in Korea at the same time.

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