Show Luo’s neighbours complain about his pet pig

28 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago
Show Luo has an unusual pet -- a 'little piglet', who is not so little anymore.
Ten years ago, Show adopted a piglet and passed the responsibility of raising it to his mother.

Under her care, the piglet was fed with two big loaves of bread and dog food every meal.

The little piglet has now grown up and has turned into a gigantic pig which weighs 100kg, reported Oriental Daily.

The 100 kg pig lives on the rooftop of Show’s apartment in Keelung City.

Recently, neighbours have complained that the pig’s waste was causing bad odours in the surroundings.

Residents are also afraid of being bitten by the pig and are afraid to dry their bedsheets on the rooftop.

A resident who stayed a floor below the rooftop often has water seepage problems due to the pig’s long-term trampling.

The resident blasted Show and questioned why the pop singer had such a special privilege.

The residents have since complained the issue to the building management office.

Show’s manager responded that Show had done his best to clean up the area and was trying to resolve the issue with the neighbours.

Show also has other animals such as chickens, cats, dogs, rats and turtles, and he and his mother are planning to build an animal shelter to house the animals.

Once it is complete at the end of the year, his beloved pig and his other animals will be housed there.
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