The shocking truth behind what happened to Yammie Nam -- right here in S'pore

20 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Yammie Nam Kit Ying was once known as the "prettiest on the five station hill", but due to emotional problems her career was ground to a halt.

According to a report on HKTopTen, she was suddenly rumored to have gone "missing" last month. Her friend Yeung Man Lei was able to contact her and confirmed that she was safe. Yeung Man Lei earlier in a 2008 Mainland media interview revealed that Nam Kit Ying told her about a very famous show business boss raping her.

Yesterday a magazine said that it received a video of a Putonghua media interview that Nam Kit Ying did. Nam Kit Ying in a restaurant answered questions in Putonghua. The content included her slashing her wrist to attempt suicide years ago and her claim that two film industry big brothers raped her. One has already passed away and the other one got drunk, got a key, snuck into her room and raped her when she was visiting a film set in Singapore.

She suffered severe damage physically and psychologically. She explained that she did not contact the police then because she was afraid that she would get into big trouble; in addition she felt that he was drunk and was not himself when it happened. However she went to see a doctor and took the abortion pill, as she was afraid that she would be pregnant. Yeung Man Lei said that years ago Nam Kit Ying has mentioned the rapes to her years ago. Each time she talked about it she was very upset and was unwilling to mention the rapists. In recent years she has not mentioned them again.

She also did not know when Nam Kit Ying did the Putonghua interview. She said, "Actually I haven't seen her in two years, last month when she was rumored to be missing and I called her. At the time she was very mad and told me not to talk about her with the media anymore. She also told me not to call her and would call me if she had any need. Now I don't where she lives. Originally I wanted to recommend her to make a series in the Mainland, but she turned it down. She said that she was working. I don't know why she is mad at me either! I was very worried about her, years ago she had a benign tumor in her uterus and she refused treatment. I took her to see a Chinese medicine practitioner, after one visit she refused to go again." Lau Ka Ling was in the same training class as Nam Kit Ying and fellow "Nine Dragon Girl" member.

Last night she attended a friend's new store opening. She said that she has not read about Nam Kit Ying's rapes. Instead she asked reporters, "Was it her most recent interview? Have you interviewed her? (Do you believe that film industry big brothers raped her?) I haven't read it, I have no comment."

She looked worried as she tearfully said, "I am pretty worried about her condition, I hope everyone can extend a helping hand to her. I contacted her a long time ago, at the time I already sensed that her physical condition was poor. Now I can't even contact her, only finding a little about about her occasionally from (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai and (Michael) Miu Kiu Wai; but nothing substantial because Nam Kit Ying seems to have retreated from the world. (Would you like to talk to her?) I leave it to Tsang Chi Wai, he is a master and has ways to resolve matters. He can talk to her. Other people might not be able to get into her world." Lau Ka Ling has not seen Nam Kit Ying in years and only heard about her from newspapers and magazines.

Ka Ling said, "In training class she was an excellent student, she was a very pretty girl. Now seeing her like this, I feel unhappy and upset. I hope she will get well soon." Ka Ling was a little ill because of the poor Mainland weather and lack of sleep. On the 8th she just celebrated her 48th birthday. She said that she celebrated from the 3rd to the 13th and cut a cake everyday. Her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai was unable to spend it with her but he got her a gift. They talked on the phone everyday. Did Wai Jai send flowers overseas? She joked that it was the least he could do.

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