Shocking suicide and bullying rumours surface about SNSD's Hyoyeon

3 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

After SM Entertainment cleared up the news of Girl’s Generation member Hyoyeon allegedly assaulting someone as a misunderstanding with a friend, more shocking rumours surfaced. 

According to the police, Hyoyeon and her male friend were goofing off on the second floor of a friend’s home on March 30 when he got hit in the face.

Soompi reports that the male friend apparently got angry and called the police when Hyoyeon jokingly tried to run away.

Later at the police station, the male friend said, “I was hit while we were goofing around and filed a report, but I realized later that she did not do it on purpose.”

Before this was revealed however, more rumors started circulating in online communities.

These rumors were based on this particular post uploaded by someone:

"My friend’s sister’s friend’s dad is a police officer, and yesterday (May 30), Hyoyeon tried to commit suicide because she was bullied by Girls’ Generation, and when some guy saw what was happening and tried to stop her, she said she was just going to kill herself and hit the guy.

"They went to the police station, and it was a huge mess!!!”

After seeing this post, some netizens talked about the possibility that SM Entertainment reached an agreement with the male friend in order to keep things quiet.

When the rumour spread, SM Entertainment stated in an official press release on April 2 that they will be taking legal action against anyone who posts or spreads false rumors about Hyoyeon.

“We’re requesting that anyone who has posted this rumour on their personal SNS sites, blogs, or other websites to delete the post.”

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon reported to police for hitting guy in the face

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