Shocking revelation that dethroned Miss Myanmar was forced to perform sexual favours

14 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Winner of Miss Asia Pacific World, Miss Myanmar, is in yet another scandal when she made a statement claiming she was forced to perform sexual favors after returning to Korea to finalize a contract.

According to Kukmin Ilbo via KoreaBang, Miss Myanmar was forced to perform sexual favors, according to an internal investigation by pageant organizers.

May Myat Noe who was elected Miss Asia Pacific World in in Seoul returned to Myanmar with her crown alleging that she was forced to have plastic surgery and to perform sexual favors.

According to the organizers, May, who won Miss Asia Pacific World in the spring, visited Korea again in August to finalize a contract with N Management.

She had received offers including record production with a vocal training, from the company.

But from her first day back in Korea, Choi told her while at a hotel in Seoul that, “Since you don’t have any money, you should entertain the executives,” and urged her to perform sexual favors.

Choi recently confessed the truth to the organizers who had begun to take legal action. This information was also confirmed by May.

The investigation showed that Choi had been making contracts with beauty pageant participants, international media, and more, without even maintaining an office.

Choi was arrested on suspicion of fraud for pocketing investments, and was released on probation.

The organizers concerned said that, “To prevent tarnishing the image of the organizers internationally and prevent any further damage, we will soon report Choi to the police.”

Last year after May disappeared with the crown, valued at 2 billion won, she held a press conference in Myanmar and alleged that the organizers forced her to have plastic surgery and perform sexual favours.

The organizers of this competition had accused May and her mother, who is working as her manager, of spreading false information and slander, claiming damages of 10 billion won.

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