Shocking footage of K-pop stars in army visiting massage parlours revealed

26 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Recently, two celebrities who are currently serving their military service were seen visiting an adult massage parlour, which stirred up controversy once again over the leniency of military rules for celebrity soldiers.According to an article in Soompi, the two celebrity soldiers were revealed to be Se7en and Sangchu. On June 25, SBS’ “Scene 21‘ reported a segment on the hidden stories behind celebrity soldiers.This segment showed the celebrity soldier’s activities after completing a special event for the 6.25 Korean holiday on June 21.After finishing the event, the celebrity soldiers did not return to their unit but stayed at a hotel.The soldiers then proceeded to exit the hotel at around 10 PM in their everyday clothes (not in military apparel -- this is against the rules) and had dinner and a variety of alcoholic drinks such as beer and soju.They did not go back to the hotel, but at around 2:30 AM, they were seen getting into a taxi and getting off at a massage parlour.After spending 10 minutes at the massage parlour, the celebrity soldiers took another taxi and went to another massage parlour. They spent about 30 minutes in that parlour before exiting.The camera crew asked the massage parlour employee about the celebrity soldiers and the employee answered, “They said that, they didn’t have enough time and just left without getting a massage after getting their money back.‘When the celebrity soldiers saw the TV crew, they attempted to take the cameras away with violent force. One of the soldiers commented, “We’re not doing anything wrong.‘Afterwards, the National Public Relations unit (where most celebrity soldiers serve their time) commented, “They went for medical purposes.‘This incident has sparked more controversial debate on whether celebrities serving their military service are being treated too leniently.Previously, Rain‘˜s military leniency controversy surfaced in January as well. View the gallery for screengrabs of the SBS footage.

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