Shocking details revealed about Kim Soo Hyun in his younger days

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

You know you’re successful if broadcast stations, journalists and/or netizens start digging up your past photos.

On Jan 20, SBS’ daily morning program “Good Morning” aired a segment on Kim Soo Hyun who is currently receiving a lot of love through his alien role in the drama Man from the Stars, reported Soompi.

One of Kim Soo Hyun’s middle school teachers shared, “I was surprised when I heard that Kim Soo Hyun said that he’ll become an actor. He was such a quiet and gentle student during middle school.” The teacher revealed his graduation photo from middle school.

It seems that he found his confidence in high school.

One of his high school teachers shared his graduation photo and also commented: “He had a lot of charisma. During one of the field trips, he was singing during the bus ride.

"He was really good so other classmates asked him to sing more songs and they gave him applause.”

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