Shocker news for fans: Not one, but two MBLAQ members leave group

14 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

MBLAQ's Lee Joon has not renewed his contract with J. Tune Camp, deciding to leave the group and focus on his acting career instead.

Lee Joon's contract with J. Tune Camp has come to an end, allowing him to leave the group without the need for legal proceedings, reports Jpop Asia.

A second MBLAQ member Thunder has also not renewed his contract with J. Tune Camp. He is reportedly leaving the group to pursue a solo music career.

Thunder's departure from the group came hours after fellow group mate Lee Joon was revealed to be leaving the group as well.

The idol will be focusing on his acting career. Although Lee Joon and Thunder have been reported to be leaving the group, J. Tune Camp has said they were still discussing MBLAQ's future, including those two's involvement in the group's future.

"Lee Joon is discussing fully with the agency his thoughts on his future plans, goals, and career. We plan to decide together in consideration of Lee Joon’s opinion and other MBLAQ members’ positions. The agency will do its best for MBLAQ," a representative for J. Tune Camp said after news of Lee Joon's departure broke.

Despite the company's efforts to continue talks with its now unsigned MBLAQ members, Korean media outlets are reporting that Lee Joon and Thunder are in fact leaving the group.

Before this happens though, they will participate in one last album due to be released in November.

The two will remain with MBLAQ until the group's "Curtain Call" concert at the end of November. The group's future afterwards is currently up in the air.

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