Shirley Yeung proves that she's no pushover: See what she can do

18 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Last year, Ms ex-Hong Kong, Shirley Yeung terminated her contract with TVB and had been busy filming new series, 'An Zhan Wei Cheng' in Mainland China lately.

In the series, she acted as martial arts woman who tried to fight against the Japanese and her role name was 'Wei Xiao Yu'.

Looks like Shirley was bent on creating a career breakthrough in China market, reports Asian E-News Portal

On the internet, Shirley shared photo of herself filming in Hengdian and left a message:

"Tonight, 'Wei Xiao Yu' will be engaged in a fighting battle until midnight."

In the photo, Shirley seemed to be displaying difficult martial arts pose which was near to 180 degrees. 

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