Shirley Yeung goes bare faced in public -- but fans notice something

15 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

The common flu is everywhere now and at 4pm in the afternoon (08 Feb), Shirley Yeung wore a spectacle without make-up in the Central.

She was seen carrying a medical report and walked into the clinic in a building.

Shirley left empty-handed after an hour, reports Asian E-News Portal

Shirley went to a nearby bus stop to wait for bus and smiled upon discovering the reporters' presence.

When asked if she was seeing a doctor, Shirley said: "Yes, I go and see a doctor."

Asked about her sickness, Shirley seemed to be afraid of disturbing other passengers and showed a sign to lower the volume.

Browse through the gallery to view more images of Shirley without any makeup. 

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