Shirley Yeung is frugal -- except when it comes to her daughter

25 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

New career beginnings are ahead for Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) as she leaves TVB after 13 years of employment.

As a single mother, Shirley’s main concern is to provide a good upbringing for her two-year-old daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎), and lend financial stability to the family.

Stressed by the multiple mortgages under her name, Shirley decided to shift her focus to Mainland China and earn more money, although this may mean longer separations from her daughter, reports Jayne Stars.

While Shirley is away on scheduled work assignments, Shirley’s mother will be watching over Krystal. Shirley saw this as a necessary part of her work, which allows her to afford the high expenses of a raising a child in Hong Kong.

When Krystal was only one year old, she had to undergo intestinal surgery due to the herpes virus. Aside from the hefty healthcare bills, Shirley has also been paying top dollar for Krystal’s playgroups.

Earlier, Shirley was spotted taking Krystal to her playgroup, which does five times a week. After sending her off to class, Shirley would stay behind to socialize with the rest of the parents and wait until the one-hour playgroup session finished.

Krystal is a very lively girl, always jumping about and refusing to sit down quietly. While Shirley was talking to other parents, Krystal would whine and cry about wanting to leave. Hoping to minimize her daughter’s clingy behavior, Shirley scolded Krystal, causing her cry.

Even though Shirley is known to be frugal and lives simply, she spends $7000 HKD a month on Krystal’s playgroup fee. Noble Place Playgroup Education Center, the playgroup Krystal currently attends, is known for signing up children from wealthy families.

An insider revealed, “Shirley has been asking for other parents’ advice and said that children should change playgroups often because they get bored of the same one very quickly. That is why Shirley changes playgroups every half a year – this is currently the third one.

"Krystal played with toys and occasionally used the baby gym in her previous playgroups. Now that Krystal is older, Shirley wants her to go to an expensive playgroup where they teach language and math.”

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