Shirley Yeung dons moustache to earn milk money

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Actress Shirley Yeung has been working very hard to provide for her young daughter, Krystal. To do this, she has been juggling a few jobs, which include concert performances, hosting and acting in theatre plays.East Week reported that since Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) gave birth secretly in the United States in February 2013, she has been working very hard to provide for her daughter, Krystal.As a single mother, Shirley had to pay the mortgage of her house. Besides hosting a food variety show and performing in concerts, Shirley is also appearing in theater plays.The former Miss Hong Kong has now officially changed her status to that of a doting mother. After filming for the food variety programm, Cook Away Lady May in Macau, Shirley appeared in a real estate company’s promotional event at Zhongshan. The moment she got back to Hong Kong in early May, she had to rehearse every day for Landscape Encounter , a musical play where Shirley will sing and dance.Landscape Encounter tells the story of how two good friends, played by Shirley and Ursele Wong (黃宇詩) became love rivals. Shirley elaborated, “We will act as our character from 16 to 60 years old. Alternating between the young and old characters on stage, we hardly have time to rest!‘Following that, Shirley will also appear, in the play, Carmen where she will have to appear on stage in a swimsuit. However, clothing circa the 1800s should rather be conservative, so Shirley has no fear of revealing too much. In Carmen, Shirley will also take on the role of a male. She said, “It’s very difficult to make my voice sound like a man. After practicing for a few weeks, my throat is already sore and I have to bring lozenges and flasks of warm water with me.‘ For fear of incurring knee injuries, Shirley also has to wear knee braces to protect herself.In spite of the hard work, the physical torments are nothing compared to Shirley’s yearning to see her daughter. Working from dawn until the late hours of the night, Shirley often returns home to find her daughter asleep. Shirley usually has to leave the house before Krystal wakes up.Even on Mother’s Day, Shirley had to celebrate it on stage. Despite the hardships, Shirley feels that she can gain much knowledge. “I get to learn a lot on stage. It can also help with my acting. I hope the producers in TVB do not forget me and can help me earn more milk money!‘

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