Shinhwa Dongwan's generous act for Korean comfort women of WWII

21 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Despite his busy schedule, Shinhwa's Dongwan has stepped up to donate 30 million won (~$36,673 SGD) to the 'House of Sharing'.

On August 20, entertainment insiders revealed that Dongwan donated the large sum to the 'House of Sharing', reports allkpop.

According to discoveringkorea, 'House of Sharing' in Korea is a special place located about 45-minutes southeast of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province. It is home to seven elderly Korean women in their 70s and 80s.

The house and the halmonis (할머니), or grandmothers, who live there have painful stories to tell. During World War II, they were forced by the Japanese military to become “comfort women,” or sex slaves.

Their fate was shared by some 200,000 girls and young women from all across Asia. 

The donation will be set aside for a memorial hall for the surviving women who suffered.

Shinhwa Company stated, "Dongwan hopes this painful history will be remembered and not forgotten."

In other news, Dongwan will be reprising his role in the musical 'Hedwig'.

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