SHINee’s Onew caught showing middle finger during radio broadcast

27 March 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

SHINee‘˜s Onew‘˜s recent appearance on a radio broadcast has sparked criticism.On a recent broadcast of ‘˜Younha’s Starry Night‘˜, Some SHINee members were on the show as guests to talk about their comeback and touch upon various subjects, reports All Kpop.Prior to the members’ introductions, their faces were not shown during this particular segment on camera, but netizens spotted someone showing his middle finger on screen. The colour and print of the mystery man’s outfit were later identified as Onew's, raising eyebrows.Netizens flocked to the comment boards and expressed their shock, “Since it is a radio broadcast that can be seen, it was careless of him to stick up the middle finger‘, “Why is he doing that when he knows there is a camera?‘, “I don’t know if it’s because Onew always had an innocent image, but I’m disappointed‘, “Can it really be Onew?‘ and more.However, there were others that came to his defense with comments like, “Isn’t he just joking around? He probably didn’t realize that could be seen‘, “It seems like Onew was just playing around with his members‘, “It might just be another sign that shows just how close he is with his members‘ and more.This isn’t the first time an idol star has been criticized for giving the middle finger recently. Jay Park also received backlash for his Instagram picture.View more photos of SHINee in the gallery below.

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