S.H.E's Hebe is now spokesperson for Taiwan Lantern Festival

22 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

The annual Taiwan Lantern Festival is scheduled to kick off in the northern county of Hsinchu (新竹縣) Feb. 24 and this year, Hebe Tian has been chosen as spokesperson for the event.The upcoming event will be a grand finale for the month-long Lunar New Year festivities and celebrations, reports China Post.This year, the main display at the festival will be a 26-meter high snake lantern, illuminated from inside by 200,000 LED lights, depicting the Year of the Snake on the lunar calendar.Hebe Tian, a member of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E, the spokespersons for this year's Lantern Festival at Hsinchu, welcomed tourists to visit the beautiful county during the festival that will run March 10.Other than joining the lantern festival, Tian also invited visitors to pay a trip to scenic spots in the county, including Hukou Old Street (湖口老街), Jiuqiong Lake (九芎湖) and cherry blossom path at the Hengshan Township (橫山鄉).

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