S.H.E's Ella earns 40 times more than husband

8 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

S.H.E members Ella and Selina paychecks both surpass that of their husbands by a lot. While this may threaten some men, the two have learned how to make things work.According to an article in J Pop Asia, this year, Ella's annual income surpassed 100 million Yuan (16.1 million USD), setting her income at over 40 times what her husband makes.To make things easier in their relationship, the two have set up a mutual fund which is used to pay for their home mortgage and other expenses. Other then that, the two remain economically independent, using their own money to pay for the things they want.Interest in Ella and her husband's finances began after the two travelled together to Singapore where Ella was a guest at a concert.With the huge income inequality between the two, people began questioning whether Ella's husband was using her money to live a more extravagant life than he could afford on his own.Ella's fellow group mate Selina is in a similar situation, making much more money than her husband. However, her approach to finances are different. Selina and her husband have attached cards to pay for household things and keep an open communication about the things they buy."I tell him about anything I buy. I don't keep it a secret when buy things for myself that I like," she explained. View photos from the gallery for more snapshots of the S.H.E popstars, including an episode in which Selina Jen reveals her horrifying burn scars.

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