Is Sheren Tang suffering from a lymphatic disease?

9 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Sheren Tang‘s (鄧萃雯) health condition is once again under the spotlight after tabloid magazines claimed that she may be suffering from lymphatic problems.

According to an article in Jayne Stars, when Sheren opened up about her battle with depression and anxiety, she had hoped to use herself as an example to raise awareness about mental illness.

However, the media has since portrayed her as someone who has succumbed to the stresses of a film set, and has even described her as frail and fragile.

Last year, tabloids falsified reports claiming that Sheren was dealing with a possible tumor in her neck after she was spotted with a swollen spot the size of an egg.

She was able to intercept these stories before they were published, and later made a statement on Weibo denying the tumor and expressed her frustrations over these made-up gossips.

Unfortunately, the media paid no heed to her anger and ran stories about her health condition again this month.

Citing a personal photo she posted from a recent trip to Malaysia, the magazines pointed to a small darkened line on the left side of her neck and suggested that it is a scar leftover from recent surgery.

Since the scar is located close to her alleged neck tumor from last year, the reports claim that Sheren’s lymphatic condition has returned after a stressful time filming in China, and that the actress had finally chosen to operate.

Sheren once again spoke out against these rumors on her Weibo on April 4, pleading with the media to stop spreading these damaging lies.

“I have never had the lymph problems that the magazines wrote about, so I also did not have the surgery. I ask the media to put themselves into my shoes, and to stop fabricating my illness in order to sell copies. Artistes are also humans…your stories will affect my image and add to my pressure. I only hope that every single person who works hard and lives mindfully will receive the respect they deserve.”

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