Is she upset? Rui En on losing out to Jeanette Aw at Star Awards

23 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

By Jocelyn Lee, Goh Yan Han
The New Paper,
Monday, Apr 21, 2014

Popular local actress Jeanette Aw was the biggest winner at the annual Star Awards 20 Show 1 last night.

The 34-year-old bagged four awards in total, including Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artiste (Cambodia), Social Media Award, as well as the coveted Favourite Female Character and Favourite Onscreen Couple awards for her role as Zhao Fei Er in Channel 8 hit series The Dream Makers.

Her win for Favourite Female Character ended the winning streak of another frontrunner, Rui En, who won the last three Favourite Female Character awards.

Hugging Rui En before accepting her award, Aw said: “Thank you for giving me the role of Zhao Fei Er, which I love. I am very honoured to get the support of all my fans.”

In an interview after the awards, Aw said that most of her fellow actors have been gracious about the awards.

“Earlier, Rui En had told me that she hoped I would win in both categories because I deserve it. I’m thankful I managed to win this year.”

Aw’s pairing with actor Qi Yuwu in The Dream Makers saw her edge out Rui En a second time. Rui En was in three out of five nominations for the Favourite Onscreen Couple category.

Aw went on stage to receive her award with Qi’s girlfriend, Joanne Peh, because Qi could not be at the ceremony. The 37-year-old is filming in China.

Aw said: “It is important to meet the correct partner to have on-screen chemistry with him. So I would like to thank Qi Yuwu for being my partner in the show.”

To that, Peh replied: “Okay, I will let him know what you just said.”

During her acceptance speech, Aw also took time to recall how she was welcomed by fans when in Cambodia to promote her shows.

“I am really very touched to win the Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artiste (Cambodia) and I would like to thank Cambodian fans for making the effort to vote for me,” she said.

Although Rui En lost in two categories, she bagged the Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artiste awards for both Indonesia and Malaysia.


She said: “I am not disappointed because during the previous weeks, Jeanette was coming out tops in the voting results. So I was mentally prepared. I am happy that my co-star (in The Dream Makers) can win this and I really mean it.”

She added: “In the end, awards are not the mark of success. I don’t use awards to validate my skills. I think my fans will be disappointed because some of them do take these things seriously. I’ll probably treat them to chocolates.”

Other big wins of the night included actor Elvin Ng, 33, who won Favourite Male Character, and Priscelia Chan, who took home the Rocket Award, which is given to an artist who has shown improvement in her performance in the last year.

Chan, 35, who has been in the industry for 15 years, said: “I am thankful, especially since today coincides with Easter, which makes it quite special.”

Ng said he did not expect to win because of the strong competition and he said he would work hard to shed his “idol image” to allow his acting skills to shine.

He added: “I am not really threatened by the newcomers, as we all have our own paths down the road.” 

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