Shawn Yue stuffed sock into underwear for daring photoshoot

16 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

When Shawn Yue posed in a pair of boxers for a photoshoot for promotional materials for his new movie, he was said to have stuffed a sock inside his undergarments before the shoot.That claim was made by co-star Chapman To, who also appeared in front of the camera with his underwear in full view, reported Mingpao."I saw him stuff a sock in there", he said though Shawn could not be bothered with his claim and retorted, "So what if I did?" Being a former model should mean that such photoshoots would not faze Shawn but that wasn't the case for the somewhat-shy actor."I posed in swimwear before, but in underwear, this is a first." Out of Chapman, Shawn and two other male co-stars, Derek Tsang and Matthew Chow, the former was reportedly the most confident and most endowed seeing how he wore briefs while the others opted for boxers.

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