Sharon Chan's tragic scene in drama will make all women cry

2 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Previously in TVB series The Ultimate Addiction (點金勝手), Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) passionately kissed for a scene. Kate was also plunged into a tub of iced water to make her confess.

This week's scene with Sharon Chan (陳敏之) is even more tragic. Besides going into prison, her boyfriend in the series, Ben Wong (黃智賢), breaks up with her and she suffers the pain from a miscarriage in prison.

Her character can be described to have experienced the most hurt by a woman in the series, reports Asian E-News Portal.

This week's plot talked about Sheung Yi (played by Sharon) being sent into prison for hitting someone due to careless driving. She couldn't accept the fact and also broke up with her boyfriend. however, bad things happened after one another.

Being pregnant, she suffered from a miscarriage in prison and had to undergo surgery to remove the baby. During the operation, she kept her eyes were wide open to remind herself to remember this particular moment of pain.

Filled with resentment, she completely turned into another person, being cold and ruthless after her release from prison. Even her style and clothing were different from before.

When Sharon was interviewed, she explained that accepting a role with such a big transformation was similar to playing two characters.

She said: "Filming the miscarriage scene had a huge impact on me. During filming, I had fears because we filmed in an operation room and lights were shooting at my face so it felt quite real.

"To add more emotions to the scene, the company bought a pig organ and placed it on the pan as the miscarriaged baby. I will definitely not watch this scene because I'm afraid I'll be traumatized."

"This is a tragic character. Miscarriage, depression, and being wrongly accused, she tries to make more money to seek revenge. Once out of prison, she turns into a strong woman in the finance world due to a tragic circumstance. I pity this character." 

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