Sharon Chan slammed for having 'loose' morals after malicious rumours

21 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Artiste Sharon Chan (陳敏之) recently attended the charity of a movie premiere.

When questioned about rumours of her clinging on to married film producer Wen Weihong (文偉鴻) and described as a woman of loose morals (dang fu 蕩婦) by netizens, she revealed that her boyfriend did not ask her anything and only treated it as a joke.

Sharon said: "It is over and absurd as well. So he treats it as a joke. (Do you feel wronged?) Of course and it is obviously fake. Anyway, it does not matter and I treat it as a joke and entertainment. Sometimes, it is hard to avoid the comments made by netizens as they have their freedom of speech.

When asked if she had offended anybody who smeared her as a result, Sharon said: "I really have no idea and the internet world is very big. Anyone can express themselves and thus achieve their aims ultimately. I accept it and everybody treats it as entertainment news. Being mad will only harm my body and I prefer to save my energy on cycling or hiking instead."

According to Asian E-News Portal, she also disclosed that Wen Weihong's family was not affected and that he did not need to explain anything to his wife.

Sharon said: "He did not need to explain and they know my boyfriend too. It is fake news and I even laughed at him for being famous and helping me to be in the limelight. (Will you avoid working together?) Of course not. But many film producers and I are good friends and I may work with another film producer. Most important thing is to do my part well."

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