Sharon Chan screams when Louis Yuen sticks his giant butt in her face

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

While Sharon Chan and Louis Yuen were shooting TVB's new series My Prime Lady, Producer Man Wai Hung made special arrangements for the two to do a comedy scene. The scene was about Louis getting blisters because of a food allergy, but Sharon misunderstood and thought he had STDs. The two encountered each other on the mini bus and during the confusion, Louis' butt ends up on Sharon's face, frightening her so much she started screaming. Before the shoot, they tested out the positions several times, and Sharon was seen frequently pulling on Louis' long pants to check the angles; Louis deliberately jolted his butt up, which caused a really funny scene, reports Oriental Daily. Sharon said this role differs from her previous ones. This time she'll be trying to be funny as much as possible. When Sharon teased Louis for having a big butt, he responded: "Of course! If my butt wasn't big, then wouldn't I miss her face? Her face is so small. Men should have stable 'muscle' foundation, and a stable bottom. Actually my size is not that big, definitely not a giant one."

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