Sharon Chan once thought of suicide after all that she went through

8 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) career finally stabilized after winning the Best Supporting Actress award in 2011 for her role as a prostitute in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>.

Supporting her entire family after her father’s death, Sharon once thought of suicide. After a decade of battling in the industry and dealing with personal problems, Sharon finally let out a breath of relief. “Right now, this is the most comfortable time period.”

While most teenagers are out with their friends and choose to spend their allowances, a report on Popular Asian states that Sharon did the exact opposite.

She found her first advertising job at the age of 14 and gave most of her earnings to her mom and saved the rest. From a young age, Sharon learned how hard it was to earn money.

Sharon’s parents unconditionally supported her and her younger brother. The death of Sharon’s father in 2003 ultimately brought upon her breakdown.

“He was working when he suddenly felt cramps and fainted on the ground. Originally, we thought it was a stroke and sent him to the hospital immediately. After a thorough examination, we found out it was a terminal case of lung cancer and the cancerous cells have spread to the brain,” Sharon recalled.

After work, Sharon would head straight to the hospital and spend the night beside her father’s bed. During those times, Sharon would listen intently to the sobbing of family members of other patients. Seeing bodies being moved out every day, Sharon could not help but to cry and think about her own father’s fate.

The dreadful day came when her dad finally took his last breath. Before he shut his eyes, Sharon promised that she would take care of her family.

Despite displaying a strong demeanor, Sharon suffered a loss in appetite and her weight plunged to 90 pounds. Missing her father terribly and finding faults that she was not filial enough during his life, Sharon suffered from depression and almost attempted suicide.

It was Sharon’s love for her family and the help of her friends that eventually helped her pull out of her depression. Possessing a wide social network, Sharon has always been fortunate in having others help her during difficult transitions.

Sharon’s boyfriend of eight years, William Lui (雷偉信), is someone that she can trust will take good care of her. She is thankful for his support, especially when she injured her collarbone during the filming of Ghetto Justice and suffered extreme discomfort.

“I’m really happy whenever I’m with him. It doesn’t matter if your significant other makes a lot of money as long as both of you have mutual understanding and the same vision. For example, if we want to get food, we’ll immediately go eat. Nothing is more important than being happy at the moment.”

William is the owner of a lighting business and is financially established. Although the couple jointly purchased a $4.97 million HKD condo apartment in 2010 in Clearwater Bay, they decided that marriage can wait.

It has been twelve years since Sharon first started out as a minor in this industry, from starring in small commercials to leading in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> opposite Dayo Wong (黃子華).

Besides her hard work, Sharon wanted to thank God for His guidance all along. Now that her acting career is stable, Sharon disclosed that her wish is to release an album to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.

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