Sharon Chan has an unusual phobia of giving birth

4 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) wore a crop top to attend the promotional campaign for new her series, The Ultimate Addiction (點金勝手), in Tseung Kwan O (將軍澳).

According to Asian E-News Portal, she commented on the miscarriage scene on Tuesday night, and how she wouldn't want to do anyhting like that again.

"I received many messages from my friends who praised me for acting well. Especially those who had given birth before, they encourage me and feel like shouting when I watch that scene.

"I was overjoyed when the series received good response and though I had some phobia while acting in that scene, it is worth it when it makes the audience feel touched.

"However, I really hope to avoid acting in similar scenes as it may give me a phobia, especially when giving birth in reality."

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