Sharon Chan gets thrown into car boot by Michael Mui

21 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

"Hot leg Goddess" Sharon Chan, Elena Kong and "Sam Gor" Michael Mui were filming "Line Walker" in the studio city.

They were shooting the scene where Sharon got thrown into the car boot by Micheal Mui.

Sharon revealed that in the series, both her and Elena Kong will have water scenes, reports The Sun.

There were also reports that Elena Kong had problems with her lungs, however, she stressed that she had flu and her cough damaged some of her muscles and ribs, causing her pain.

She is taking Chinese medicine to help her recover, but she cannot do strenuous work. Therefore, her role in the water scene has to be done by a stunt person.

"I am actually living a normal life, but I just can't run or shout out loud. The doctor is hoping that I will get better in two to three month's time. I am OK at the moment, and the shooting will be finished at the end of the month.

"I will have 80 days off afterwards. I have already planned my holidays to go to Southeast Asia."

Sharon disclosed that she has been working almost non stop for a while, she hardly sees her boyfriend.

A reporter commented that once when they get married, they can see each other day and night.

Sharon said although she desperately wanting to get married, there is no plan for the wedding bell yet.

She said "We are very casual, we might get married just like that when the time is right because we are both workaholics.

"(Having kids early too?) I want to make sure my health is good first, and then I will think about it". 

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