Sharon Chan doesn't want to be 'pretty girl with long legs'

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Her 43-inch legs may be the thing that propelled her to mainstream popularity, but actress Sharon Chan is ready to ditch them in a bid to be recognised for her acting talents instead.Oriental Daily reported that the 34-year-old was delighted that she did not need to show any of her legs in her latest outing in TVB's Awfully Lawful drama.“After so many years, I really want my roles to have a change,‘ said Sharon, who plays law intern Kay in Awfully Lawful.“I really don’t want to be that pretty girl with the long legs all the time. I don’t want to be typecast. I don’t even dress like that on a daily basis."When I was shooting [Awfully Lawful], I told the producer that I would only expose my legs if it was necessary. Throughout the series, I only wore long pants. I want to give the audience a different feeling [of me]‘, she added.In the legal comedy, Sharon will also be portraying a single mother, her first shot at playing a motherly role in her acting career.“It’s my first time playing a mother, but I really don’t mind. I am older now, and if you consider my real age, I am actually qualified to be a mother.‘Asked if she is able to accept giving birth out of wedlock herself, Sharon said, “I can accept this, but obviously, planning ahead is preferable. I really don’t mind it."I am, not the kind of person who wants to hold a traditional wedding. I find the whole idea about wearing a cheongsam and sitting in carriages a bit uncool. I wouldn’t enjoy it."I’ve been to too many weddings, so I understand that those weddings can be a bit tiring and restraining. I prefer my wedding to be more like Moses Chan and Aimee Chan’s wedding", she commented.Sharon admitted that she and her boyfriend of eight years had planned for marriage. She revealed that she once wished for a grand, romantic fairytale-like wedding.After joining the entertainment industry, she realized that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. She joked: “Thank goodness that my other half isn’t in showbiz. We like sunny beaches, and Sonija Kwok even recommended us to hold our wedding in Guam."But as a Christian, I hope to hold my wedding at a church. I would not invite too many relatives. Our immediate family members would suffice. I would also love to have my close friends attend. [The wedding] would be like a small gathering of family and friends.‘

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