Sharon Chan denies seducing married TVB producer Jazz Man

12 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Gossip reports that Sharon Chan seduced married TVB producer Man Wai Hung have gone viral.

A Weibo blogger drummed up rumors claiming that the two are actually an item. The blogger claimed that Sharon became involved with the producer in order to win casting roles in prominent TVB dramas.

Since being promoted to producer in 2011, Man Wai Hung, also known as Jazz, has produced three television dramas for TVB, and Sharon stars in all three, reports Ming Pao.

Jazz is an open admirer of Sharon’s beauty and figure, often sharing drama stills of her in tight outfits showing off her behind and 43-inch-long legs on his Weibo account.

In December last year, a blog devoted to spreading “the love between Sharon and Jazz” opened on Weibo. The blogger shared many photos of Sharon and Jazz posing closely together and claimed that the two are a lot closer than just friends.

The blogger also accused Sharon for seducing Jazz to give her leading roles. Jazz’s Wikipedia page was also vandalized. Rumors quickly spread that Jazz, who is married and is a father of two boys, wants to divorce his wife so he can get together with Sharon.

Reporters called up Sharon to ask for clarification on the rumors. Sharon said she has already blocked the Weibo posts and felt that the blogger has malicious intents.

She added that she highly respects Producer Man and is familiar with his wife and two sons. In addition, Sharon has been dating businessman, William Lui for nearly ten years. The couple lives together and has plans to get married this year.

Jazz, on the other hand, replied via text message and said that he has no comment on the matter. Asked if he is experiencing relationship problems with his wife, he replied, “No!” TVB executive Virginia Lok laughed at the rumors.

“What a joke! I think this is really funny.” Sharon is not Jazz’s only frequent collaborator. Benz Hui is also featured in all three of the producer’s dramas, and Elena Kong starred in Bounty Lady and Line Walker.盛lady>

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