Sex scenes in racy new Japanese drama get netizens hot and bothered

17 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Japan CrushNetizens react to the strong depictions of sex in the new Tokai Television daytime drama ‘˜Shiawase no Jikan [literally 'Our Happy Times]‘˜. The show is based on a manga of the same name by Kunitomo Yasuyuki. It replaces ‘˜Akai Ito no Onna’ [literally 'The Woman of The Red Thread' where 'red thread' refers to 'fate'), another drama noted for being racy but deemed to be less salacious than the newcomer.The raw depictions of sex and turmoil of the central family have garnered much surprise on Twitter and the show’s official website. The producers, however, have welcomed the intrigue, promoting it as a draw for the show’s audience.From Fuji TV Daytime Drama: Heaps of 'Excessively Erotic' Scenes!Everyone has been talking about the extreme depictions of sex in 'Shiawase no Jikan,' the Fuji TV-style daytime soap opera that debuted on November 5th, 2012. The first episode abruptly starts with the aforementioned scene.Actor Nishumura Kazuhiko (46) portrays an elite businessman with a wife and children who engages in an affair with one of his subordinates. On the day his family moves into a new house, he rendezvous with her under the pretense of working on his day off. ‘˜Shiawase no Jikan’ is a 30-minute program shown Monday through Friday. The original work was a manga by Kunitomo Yasuyuki, serialized in the magazine ‘˜Manga Action’ from 1997 to 2001 with the stand-alone graphic novels of the same name selling over 4,000,000 copies. The drama is the creation of Tokai Television and there are 39 projected episodes in all.The elite businessman plays the part of the loving father to his family and even fulfills his nightly duties to his wife.Tanaka Minako (45) is the main female lead, playing the part of the wife. Although there is little actual exposure of skin in the show, the first 10 minutes are chock full of depictions of sex. Because of that, one after another people have been voicing their surprise on the Internet since the broadcast.‘˜This is crazy! The surprised comments have even been successively posted on the show’s website.Since the original work was targeted at men there were many similar sex scenes. ‘˜I had not originally anticipated a television dramatization, so I included many extreme scenes,’ wrote author Kunitomo Yasuyuki on the website. On the topic of the drama, he added ‘˜I get the impression everyone put their spirit into it and drove (the show) to the limit.’The previous Fuji Television afternoon drama shown until November 2 2012, ‘˜Akai Ito no Onna’ was also in the news for being ‘˜too erotic’. Mikura Mana, known in the purer sectors of the industry, gave a performance that amounted to career suicide by doing consecutive love scenes on daytime TV. Now, however, people are talking about how ‘˜Shiawase no Jikan’ is even more extreme.Tokai Television, which also produced the previous drama, is no doubt enjoying the notoriety. They advertised the fact that they had racy scenes on their official Twitter.

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