Seungri will miss S'pore concert due to internal bleeding after accident

13 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

K-pop star Seungri, the youngest member of the popular idol group Big Bang, was reported to have been involved in a car accident early Friday morning.

According to police reports, Seungri was driving his Porsche down the Gangbyeon Expressway in Dongbu Ichon-dong, Seoul, at around 3am and struck a Mercedes-Benz on Banpo Bridge, causing the entertainer's car to hit a guardrail and flip over.

At the scene, Seungri claimed that he was not injured and opted not to go to the hospital. However, YG officials later stated that the singer would be admitted for a full check-up and to allow doctors to run tests, reports AsiaOne.

Although the agency officials initially released a statement saying that the hospital results showed no signs of physical injuries, it was later revealed that the singer had minor internal bleeding stemming from his liver.

"The final test results showed no fractures, but did find some mild bleeding in the liver, so he is being hospitalized," said a YG Entertainment representative. "(Seungri) is expected to be in the hospital for about one week for treatment and recovery."

Two people were in the Mercedes-Benz that was struck, and no serious injuries were reported. Both the driver and the passenger were transferred to a hospital.

The 25-year-old K-pop star was leaving a fashion brand launching party at Club Octagon in Gangnam when the accident occurred.

YG Entertainment officials were quick to respond, claiming that the accident was not a result of drunk driving. The police stated that they found no signs of alcohol involved and were investigating whether or not the accident was a result of the K-pop star driving over the speed limit.

Due to Seungri's current health condition, his agency said the K-pop star would not participate in YG's upcoming family concert in Singapore, which is scheduled to be held on Sept. 13 and 14.

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