Selina Li says she will only date Chinese guys

22 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

It has recently been rumoured that Selena Li has been going on dates with her black male friend Reggie Marti (also Fiona Sit's friend), who is the executive of The Venetian Macao.According to an article in Asian Fanatics, yesterday, Selena was filming a promotional clip for the TVB new series, Awfully Lawful, and denied dating Reggie.She said: "He's just friend. My past boyfriends had always been Chinese guys. I'm very traditional and will only date Chinese guys, so the rumour is impossible. I love Chinese!" She expressed she is still in the "getting to know" stage and hopes her future partner is someone whom she will marry because she does not want to be hurt again.When speaking of her intimate scenes with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang in TVB series Slow Boat Home, she said: "I was into character at the time, nothing special."I’m very pleased to hear the series is getting good ratings, but I’m also worried of getting yelled at because of my role. Well, if there are haters, then that’s a good thing. I usually portray likeable roles anyway, and should play despicable one sometimes.‘ Photos in the gallery show snapshots of Selina Li 'manhunting' at nightclubs after ending her four-year relationship.

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