Selena Li changes Chinese name: Here's what you should call her now

11 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Selena Li has asked her fans to call her by her original Chinese name, Li Sze-wah, which is the name her grandmother has called her all along.

According to an article in Asian E-News Portal, she changed her Chinese name from Li Sze-wan (李詩韻) to Li Sze-wah (李施嬅).

She left a message online, saying: "My family changed my name to Li Sze-wan and it sounded elegant and beautiful. But my granny has called me Sze-wah all along and I miss my old name after my granny's departure. Thus, please call me Li Sze-wah. Do you think it is suitable? Thank you for everyone support."

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