Selina Jen in tears over video of incident that left her with horrific burns

28 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Selina Jen's record label has demanded an apology from television producers who screened a video showing the film site explosion which left the singer with serious burns in 2010.Hunan Satellite TV on Thursday showed the clip during the press launch of the drama that Jen was filming when she and Chinese co-star Yu Haoming were hurt in a botched explosion.The sequence, which was just a few seconds long, was part of a video recalling the incident that temporarily halted the drama's production. It showed the two stars standing by a door, waiting for the scene to start. After a crew member gave them the signal to run, fire was seen coming from behind them, and Jen was heard screaming, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported.Both actors spent two years in recovery. Jen was replaced in the drama, retitled Love On A Spring Day, but Yu returned to act in it. The drama airs next week in China.In a statement, HIM International Music, Jen's label, condemned the drama crew for "hurting the artists a second time" by unscrupulously using the clip to publicise the show.It asked for a public apology and for videos related to the incident to be removed. Jen, 31, reportedly saw the clip at HIM's Taipei office and cried.On Thursday, fans were further angered after the drama's Weibo page reportedly, published a statement that alluded to the incident: "Thank you, Selina. That part of the memory will fade with time. We have all grown up."At the press launch, Yu, 25, was seen dabbing his eyes after the video was shown. "I pretended to be strong, returning to film this drama but I was actually putting on a brave front," he said.He added that the producers waited for him to recover before resuming filming, and returning to the set was for him about keeping "a promise" he made. Source: The Straits Times, AsiaOne

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