Selina Jen spills the beans on her creepy hobby

29 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

The S.H.E member revealed that she enjoys snapping photos of her husband while he is asleep.According to an article in Groove Asia, Selina Jen shared during an event recently that the phone function which she uses most often is the camera.As her husband is camera-shy, the S.H.E member enjoys secretly snapping photos of him and her pet dog Pinky while they are asleep.Selina, however, denied taking pictures of herself and her husband during intimate moments.While speaking on the two-night concert at Taipei Arena last weekend, the 31-year-old let on that the adrenaline rush kept her awake till 7am in the morning after the celebratory dinner.The trio will bring their tour to Macau on Saturday.

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