Selina Jen coy when asked about ex-BFs for fear of scaring hubby

15 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Selina Jen shied away from a question about her past relationships on a variety television programme as she was afraid she may say something different from the answer she gave her husband.According to a report on, the producers of the show -- where Selina is a co-host -- asked her if it was true that she had seven boyfriends before settling down with her husband.When faced with that poser, Selina gave an awkward laugh and replied coyly: "I'm afraid to give a number as it may be different to the one I told my husband".She then turned to face the camera and sent a message to her husband: "The number is all but a figure and to me, I don't remember it because it does not have significance to me".

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