Selena Li reportedly upset after Ricky Wu touched her butt during filming

9 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

A butt-spanking scene went terribly wrong for Selena Li, who apparently became outraged and walked off the set in a sour mood.

Last month, Selena, Vincent Wong and veteran actor Ricky Wong filmed for a segment in TVB programme, Neighbourhood Ghost Stories <區區有鬼故>. In one scene, Selena played a waitress who was molested by Ricky.

Before filming, Selena put on a cushion pad in her pants as a precaution. After finishing the shoot, the director requested to take close-up shots. As Selena thought that it was just a shot filming her upper body, she removed her cushion pad.

Little did she expect that during the filming, Ricky continued to immerse in his character and rested his hand on Selena’s butt, reports Asian Pop News and Jayne Stars.

Selena’s face reportedly turned black immediately. All the crew including Vincent was shocked. A crew member said Ricky even poked fun of Selena.

“After filming the shot, Selena’s expression changed. Even Vincent knew what was going on. The worse was when Ricky even made a joke out of it, saying, ‘Yeah! I touch a pretty girl’s butt today!’ Everyone knows that he is very direct and likes to crack jokes, but to a woman, his words were uncomfortable and seemed frivolous.”

Ricky was questioned by the director about the incident. Ricky explained that he did not know that Selena had removed her cushion pad and it was an unintentional act. Ricky’s wife reportedly apologised to Selena and helped to clarify the incident.

During a phone interview, Ricky also explained that it was purely a misunderstanding.

"In that scene I was supposed to touch her butt. I watched her wear the protective pad. However, I didn’t know she later removed it and that only close-up head shots were taken, so I just continued to do what I did earlier.

"Once I touched her, I knew I screwed up! But I already touched her, and there is no turning back, so I just continued on with the filming!”

Ricky also admitted that he was questioned by the director, but had since clarified the misunderstanding. He was criticized for adding fuel to the fire when he joked about finally touching “the pretty lady’s butt”.

Ricky said, “I’m always joking! But if she feels uncomfortable about what I said, I’m willing to apologize. I have no problem with that. I’m sorry for what happened. I didn’t mean it!”

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