Selena Li loves life in Singapore because it's so 'chill'

5 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Actress Selena Li is the latest Hong Kong TVB star to take on a leading role in a Singapore TV series, following in the footsteps of Jessica Hsuan and Louise Lee.

And it is no wonder they like coming here to film - working in Singapore is so much more "relaxing" compared to Hong Kong, says Li.

"Hong Kong is just work, work, work. I live in Hong Kong but I never get to go out to see Hong Kong. "But filming in Singapore is so different.

"Here, I get to knock off work at around 6 or 7pm and actually have time for dinner with friends. I also get one day off a week.

I actually get to see the city while I'm working here," says the 32-year-old Hong Kong- born Canadian happily in fluent English.

The bubbly actress was speaking to Life! at an interview to promote the new Channel 5 sitcom Spouse For House, in which she has the starring role as Jessica, a banker who is trying to navigate the joys and frustrations of married life.

Playing her husband in the show is Fly Entertainment artiste Alaric Tay, 33. Other stars in the main cast include Irene Ang and Richard Low, who play Tay's parents, as well as actress Sue Tan, who plays Li's mother.

"It has just been so much fun so far," says Li, who has been in town for about two months. "The cast is so great and we get along so easily. We go out for dinner together and we chat both on the set and outside of it.

"I'm really loving it in Singapore because it's really so much more 'chill'." Working conditions at Hong Kong broadcaster TVB are notoriously tough, where actors complain of working close to 20 hours each day with no time to rest.

Before Li, Hong Kong actress Hsuan, 43, was here to film two seasons of Channel 5 sitcom Parental Guidance (2007 - 2008) as well as Channel 8 fantasy drama Bountiful Blessings (2011).

Hong Kong actress Lee, 63, has filmed Channel 8 dramas The In-Laws (2011) and Portrait Of Home (2005). Li says: "I actually heard about how much Jessica loved it here.

"We used to have the same manager, who told me how great it was here for Jessica. So when I heard about this opportunity, I was so eager to come and do it."

She adds with a laugh: "I feel a little spoiled in Singapore. I think I'll need to adapt all over again when I'm back in Hong Kong for work."

The star joined TVB in 2003, after winning the Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic titles at the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant.

In her first eight years at the TV station, she played mostly supporting roles, in dramas such as To Grow With Love (2006), where she played a superficial girl desperate to lose weight, and Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (2009), where she portrayed a clever concubine.

From 2011, she started landing leading roles, helming series including comedy Wish And Switch (2012), where she played a woman who exchanges identities with another, and romantic comedy Slow Boat Home (2013), where she played a hotel executive who is ready to sacrifice anything for her career.

The actress is looking forward to seeing Spouse For House go on air. She says eagerly: "Hopefully this show will be a hit and we'll get a Season 2, because I'd love to come here to work again."

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