See the resemblance? Netizens claim that Chinese actress is Miss A Suzy's lookalike

25 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Netizens have recently claimed that they have found Suzy‘s counterpart, a Chinese actress.

Bai Baihe, a Chinese actress, has recently caught the attention of netizens for having an apparent uncanny resemblance to Miss A‘s Bae Suzy, reports Koreaboo

The 31-year-old actress is 11 years Suzy’s senior and is best known for her breakout role in the 2011 romantic comedy Love is Not Blind.

Some netizens said "their noses and mouths are kinda similar.” while others said that “As a non-fan and just judging by the photos she does look like Suzy (or Suzy looks like her if this Chinese actress is older)” – “I think it’s just the eyes lol.”

Many netizens compleletly disagree. 

What are your thoughts? Browse through the gallery to see if you can see the resemblance

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