See how these Korean hunks rock the eyeliner

14 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Sexy smokey eye makeup is no longer for girls only. Over the past couple years, many male stars have adopted the use of eyeliners to create a sexy and fierce appeal.Big Bang’s T.O.P. was one of the first male idols to use 'manliners', and he received explosive responses from fashionistas from around the world.The combination of black eyeliner, his distinct facial features, and his dark eyebrows cemented T.O.P.’s image as a sexy and charismatic idol.Baby-faced singers like G-Dragon and Super Junior’s Leeteuk were also able to reinvent their image and style through eyeliners. While in most cases, the eyeliner is used for a dark, broody effect, some idols, like SHINee, use it to create a mysterious and feminine look.Judging from the fact that it was extremely easy to find photos of these stars with eyeliner, yet extremely hard to find ones without, these guys ‘“ like girls ‘“ must have rarely left the house without them!View the gallery for pictures of male Korean idols who love using the eyeliner. Other photos in the gallery include shocking no makeup pictures of your favourite celebrities.

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