Secret's members are destined to be rivals this year, say fortune tellers

20 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Some fortune tellers recently said Secret’s Han Seon Hwa and Jun Hyo Sung are destined to be rivals this year.On  MBC Music’s All the K-pop episode, three fortune tellers talked about the fortune of some idol group members, reports Oh Kpop.The hosts asked the fortune tellers to talk to Secret’s Han Seon Hwa and Miss A’s Fei over the phone. One of the fortune tellers told Han, “You’ll be successful in many things this year, but you might become a rival of Jun Hyo Sung. You might also start dating with someone this year. There’re some boys who are interested in you. There also can be some rumors of your romance with a popular celebrity.‘ At this, Han got excited.To Fei, the fortune tellers said, “Suzy will bring good luck to all members in Miss A, so your popularity will increase this year.‘

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