Secret to Louis Koo's success: He gets help from Fengshui masters

28 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

This year marks Louis Koo’s (古天樂) 20th year in the entertainment industry. Since entering TVB in 1993, Louis had successfully changed his image from a pale-faced actor to the superstar he is currently. Louis is now reportedly one of the top-earners in the industry, making over HK$100 million per year (S$16m).The secret to Louis’s good fortune was recently revealed. According to a Jayne Stars report, it was discovered that Louis sought guidance from a well-known Thai fortune teller to prevent bad luck and to boost his career.Known as the “Calculator Oracle‘, the fortune teller is said to make accurate predictions with his calculator by entering a client’s birth date using just his right thumb and pinky finger.Louis also visits a FengShui master in Hong Kong to further improve his luck. Popular among Hong Kong celebrities, Master Miu was rumoured to be the force behind Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) meteoric rise to the top of the entertainment industry.Heeding the Fengshui masters’ advice over the past ten years, Louis’s career quickly gained steam, filming up to six movies a year in addition to countless advertisement and endorsement opportunities.Although his finances seem secured under the guidance of these two grand masters, Louis remains a hard-working actor.Currently filming Benny Chan’s (陳木勝) The Cartel War in Thailand, Louis is often seen visiting the gym, toning his body for his role as a narcotics police officer.Despite sustaining several major injuries during his previous films, Louis continues to perform his own stunts on the set. With his fearless determination and blessings from the two masters, Louis will surely be able to take his career to greater heights.

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