SECRET’s Zinger to be released from the hospital today

15 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: allkpopZinger is leaving the hospital today after being hospitalized for a couple of days due to the injuries she’s sustained from the recent car accident involving the group.According to TS Entertainment, the idol is now escaping the confines of a hospital for the comfort of her parents’ home, for now.“Zinger’s condition is getting better and better‘¦ She’s not completely recovered yet so she’ll be resting at her parents’ home and then will go on to receive treatment at a physical therapy center,‘ they commented.They also added, “Since there is no special treatment that can be administered for a cracked rib, the hospital told us that she could leave right away, but to reduce her discomfort and movement, we had her stay at the hospital‘¦ Health and safety is our priority, so we will be adjusting schedules after keeping an eye on her recovery process.‘The girls are currently scheduled to attend their activities starting with the upcoming broadcast stations’ year-end ceremonies , but it remains to be seen whether that will remain the case.

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