SECRET’s Hyosung gets noticed for her short height?

6 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: allkpop A screenshot of Hyosung on the set of ‘˜Generation to Generation Saturday‘˜ (‘˜Generation Sympathy Saturday’) was posted online recently. In the photo, four guest panelists ‘“ ZE:A‘˜s Dongjun, Hyosung, and actresses Lee Yoo Jin and Jo Hyang Gi ‘“ can be seen sitting side by side and talking with the host. Excluding Hyosung, the three other stars were able to easily touch the floor with their feet.However, fans noticed that Hyosung’s feet barely reached the footrest. They commented, “She looks so tiny next to the tall guests“, “She looks so cute with her feet up like that“, and “I think this looks adorable“.In related news, SECRET is currently preparing for their next album.

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