Sean Lau complains about lack of intimate scenes with Angelica Lee

9 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

OUT OF INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D) has accumulated HK$ 98,831,90 at the box office since its release.

Two nights ago a celebration was held for the movie's success. Sean Lau Ching Wan posed for photos with his on screen wife Angelica Lee Sinjie and complained that they were not so intimate in the film.

Director Oxide Pang Shun was asked if he prohibited his wife Lee Sinjie from intimate scenes, and he explained, "I have done the research, you can't be intimate in a fire."

Pang Shun awkwardly defended that there was one intimate scene but it was cut, reports

Would he rather his wife be burnt in a fire or be kissed by someone else? Pang Shun said, "It's just a movie, but being burnt by fire is more impressive!" 

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